CPH Urban Toilet

CPH Urban toilet view 1

UiWE and Sara Nanna won a bid to design a new toilet for the City of Copenhagen, specially fit for the urban context. As users include drug users and vagrants, there are special requirements regarding robustness and security. The toilet stands out from other toilets by being more open to the context – though still offering privacy for the users. Rather than having a sealed off inner space, the urban floor is drawn into the construction. A urinal is integrated on the back.


A simpler solution for everybody

The design simplifies construction, enhances safety and reduces maintenance costs, making it significantly simpler and more economical than existing public toilets. Furthermore, CPH Urban Toilet can be transported and put up as one unit, which opens up for seasonal use. The design is inspired by the classic Copenhagen urban design style, combined with more contemporary and functional aesthetics. Prototypes are being produced in spring 2013.